Dyno Day 2011 Photo Contest Finalists

by jude_z 24. June 2011 15:17

First off, thanks to EVERYONE who sent in photos from Dyno Day 2011. We received a lot of great images, but after some tough decisions, here are the finalists (in no particular order):


Rob Delimat



Brandon Adkins



Nick Campos

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Dyno Day 2011 - Dyno Runs off of the Point & Shoot

by jude_z 23. June 2011 13:03

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King Motorsports Dyno Day 2011 Photos!

by jude_z 22. June 2011 16:12

Here they are, 150+ photos from Andy at NoggsPhotography.




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Customer Feedback: Mugen Carbon Fiber Air Box for CR-Z

by jude_z 7. January 2011 16:30

** We just got this note and review from John Hinrichs for the Mugen High Performance Air Intake System (Carbon Fiber) for CR-Z - Thanks John! **


Just got back from making the holiday rounds. Driving through five states visiting friends and family (and showing off my car, of course).
Some of the people I visited are car guys, some just thought it was pretty, most loved the way it sounds (thanks, by the way) (Mugen Exhaust, ed.) , but everyone had something to say once the hood went up.  Even with all that's going on under the bonnet of a CR-Z, with the normal engine stuff and all the extra IMA wiring, the first thing everyone locked on to was the Mugen intake. That smooth expanse of carbon fiber had everyone interested, and I can't blame 'em, it is gorgeous. 
Not only does it look great, but under load the intake provides just enough extra sound to balance the tone of the Mugen exhaust.  Its obvious these two pieces were designed for each other: Subtle with a hint of badass.
Special thanks to Mike for doing such a great job on the install.
Happy Holidays! 
-John Hinrichs




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