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Mugen EK Body Kits: STYLE & AERO

From the archives: Mugen body kit styles for the EK hatch and sedan!

Want to build an authentic Mugen-inspired EK Civic? Mugen actually designed two lines of body kits, the STYLE line and the AERO line.

The STYLE line is an OEM-like extension to the Civic's body lines. The bumper under spoilers cleanly attached to the lower portion of the OEM bumpers, giving the EK a pronounced, aggressive crouch that is much lower to the ground. The grille removes the Honda emblem and adds three vertical fins that evoke something animal. The middle fin is finished with a Mugen badge, as is the under spoiler.

The AERO line completely replaces OEM bumpers front and back with a more aggressive, customized design. The front bumper is reshaped to add large circular fog lights and pronounced winglets. The side skirt on the hatch adds a swooping upward cut, and the grille becomes a singular clean opening.

"CIVIC 3DOOR. Type STYLE": Side sill, Rear wing, Front under spoiler, Front sports grille, Rear under spoiler.

"CIVIC 3DOOR. Type AERO": Front AERO bumper, Rear AERO bumper, Rear wing, Side AERO spoiler.

"CIVIC FERIO Type STYLE": Front sports grille, Front under spoiler, Rear wing. Also shown: the Front AERO bumper for Ferio.

1988 Integra Ad: Precision Crafted Performance

Despite your feelings about Honda's future, there is no denying they knew how to capitalize on their racing heritage in the 80's. From our archive is this masterfully word-smithed ad for the 1988 Acura Integra. It's interesting to see how much ads have changed over the decades. Ad copy used to be 80% of the ad, with images making up the remaining space; advertisers believed that words were key to the convincing. Today's ads are pretty much the reverse.


Precision Crafted Performance. The Formula for Creating the Most Exciting Automobiles in the World.

The Acura Integra 3-door and 5-door sport sedans. Fresh, intelligent designs. Innovative technology. Setting new standards for precision. And uncompromising performance. Driving enjoyment in the absolute.

This is the promise of Precision Crafted Performance behind every Acura Integra automobile. An unparalleled design standard built around the single most important element in an automobile: the driver.

It's a concept honed in the world of Formula 1 competition. Where horsepower figures go off the scale of normal engine dynamometers and critical tolerances are computed in microscopic increments. Where man and machine work together as one.

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. develops and supplies engines to winning Formula 1 championship teams like McLaren International. Just as there is no tougher proving ground than Formula 1 for an auto manufacturer, the company finds there is no better training ground for its top engine research and development engineers.

The engine designers draw on Honda Motor Co., Ltd.'s Formula 1 experience in the development and ongoing refinement of the innovative Integra powerplant.

Advanced technology--in the form of precise engine management systems, programmed fuel injection, four-valves-per-cylinder designs and use of lightweight, reliable components--is a unique element in the development of every Acura automobile.

It's technology that enhances the partnership between car and driver. In the exhilarating sensation of power and sports car-like agility. In the exceptional standard of quality and reliability.

And in the understanding and dedication to the fact that the development of technology must not be for technology's sake. But for the enhancement of the driver and of the driving experience.

It can be felt the moment you slip behind the wheel of the Acura Integra.

From the natural feel of every instrument and control being located in just the right place. From the exhilarating response of the engine and reassuring handling precision. To the unrelenting attention to detail.

It's what driving was meant to be. Precision Crafted Performance. As expressed in the exciting Integra sports sedan.