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Mugen NSX Catalog & Parts Brochure

First released in 1990, the NSX pretty much fell into the "unobtainable" territory. Some 30-odd years later, this stunning model of Honda's racing heritage is enjoying a resurgence in interest and a climb from the relatively bargain second-hand prices that have reached as low as the mid-20-large category. Fully loaded 2014 Civic or used NSX?-- decisions, decisions!

We found a wonderful catalog for the Mugen NSX, circa 1992. Enjoy!

Front Winker Lens Cover Set, Front Bumper Kit, Door Panel Kit, Spring Set, Sports Damper Kit, Exhaust Manifold Kit, Sports Exhaust System. Right-click for a larger version.

Rear Hatch & Duct Kit, Rear Wing Kit, Rear Bumper Spoiler & Under Wing Kit, LSD, Bushings Set, M-7 Road Wheel, Stainless Mesh Brake Hoses, DOT5.1 Brake Fluid. Right-click for a larger version.

From the NSX Parts Brochure: Exhaust Manifold & ECU:

Check out this GT-NSX Racing Exhaust! Right-click for a larger version.

From the NSX Parts Brochure: Interior Goodies!

The FG-360 & Sports Steering Wheels, Steering Boss Kit, Sports Pedal Kit, and Special Tool Set complete the NSX interior! Right-click for a larger version.

Mugen Brochure Roundup!

Who doesn't love to admire Mugen's Honda creations from the 80's and 90's? Here are a few of the more obscure brochure covers from Mugen that you may have missed!

Mugen Accord Coupe

Mugen Accord Sedan

Mugen Accord Wagon

Mugen Prelude Spec II (3rd gen), circa 1988

Mugen E-AB Prelude and a rare color shot!

The Mugen CR-X PRO. circa late 1985. This car was equipped with a Mugen roll bar for track demonstrations.

Mugen CR-X PRO.2 from an early 1988 Mugen promo brochure

Mugen Sports Civic Special-circa 1986! Beautiful white CF-48 wheels on red!