Mugen Variable & Showa Winning Suspension

by Administrator 1. March 2014 04:54

If you've ever popped your hood, climbed into your trunk, or crawled under your car to adjust your dampener settings (was that 4 clicks or 5?), you'll appreciate these electronically-controlled variable suspension kits. Mugen released these quality suspension kits circa 1987 and they allow for convenient SOFT, MEDIUM, and HARD adjustment within the cockpit courtesy of OEM fit-and-finish, dash-mounted switches.

Right-click a catalog page to see a larger version.

Thanks to Ronald W. for sharing this pic of his set in the original Mugen boxes:

1984 Mugen Winning Sus Kit advertisement. Check out the application and specs- some cool info there!

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Mugen Brochure Roundup!

by Administrator 7. February 2014 20:19

Who doesn't love to admire Mugen's Honda creations from the 80's and 90's? Here are a few of the more obscure brochure covers from Mugen that you may have missed!

Mugen Accord Coupe

Mugen Accord Sedan

Mugen Accord Wagon

Mugen Prelude Spec II (3rd gen), circa 1988

Mugen E-AB Prelude and a rare color shot!

The Mugen CR-X PRO. circa late 1985. This car was equipped with a Mugen roll bar for track demonstrations.

Mugen CR-X PRO.2 from an early 1988 Mugen promo brochure

Mugen Sports Civic Special-circa 1986! Beautiful white CF-48 wheels on red!

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Mugen | Vintage & Nostalgia

Mugen Exhaust Lineup Circa 1984

by Administrator 30. January 2014 19:27

It's 1984 and first Ghostbusters, Gremlins, Police Academy and Beverly Hills Cop are in theaters. And these amazing exhausts are in Mugen's lineup for Prelude, CRX and Civic!


Right click to see the full size image.

Check out this radical design on the City exhaust:

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Mugen | Vintage & Nostalgia

Mugen Prelude Sports Goods - Product Lineup Circa 1984

by Administrator 24. January 2014 10:42

From the archives: The Mugen Prelude Sports Goods product lineup, circa 1984. Check out the non CVCC cylinder head conversion. Back in the day the Canadian spec Preludes came from the factory with non CVCC cylinder heads which were highly sought after....

Right-click a brochure page to see the full size version.

Check out this slick electronically controlled variable suspension system:

CF-48 wheels, Sports Muffler Kit, Special Conventional Head Kit, Exhaust Manifold:

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Mugen | Vintage & Nostalgia