Honda Accord MUGEN 24sc Concept

by Administrator 4. March 2013 17:59

The 2009 Mugen Accord (TSX) 24sc. Exploring the limits with Mugen supercharged K24 power and luxury in the Accord/TSX chassis.

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Customer Ride: Brian Lang's TSX (Accord Euro)

by jude_z 19. October 2010 15:36

** Thanks to Brian Lang for sending this in! **

Just wanted to share some photos of my TSX -- now Accord Euro -- thanks to you guys.

The car looks amazing in person. I'm planning on getting some CCW LM 20's for it but right now I'm dropped on Tein springs and Axis Mod's 19x8 +35. I installed bolt on/off CF panels on the bottom corners of the front bumper but it barely scrapes if driven right.

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Customer Rides