Pre-Dyno Vehicle Checklist

  • Dyno Pre-Tune Checklist Overview
    Dyno Pre-Tune Checklist

    Vehicle Preparedness Checklist

    At King our goal is to provide you with a tune that will extract the most WHP from your vehicle, while maintaining reliability and drivability. In order to do that, your car must be in good operating condition and be ready for the dyno. To help achieve this goal and keep your costs to a minimum, we put together this Vehicle Preparedness Checklist for the benefit of our customers who are coming in for tuning and/or dyno pulls. The list has been compiled to explain some of the routine issues we have encountered, as well as how to avoid them. It’s important to note that it is the customer's responsibility to make certain their vehicle is healthy and ready to tune. Any issues that make your car untuneable will cost you extra to have fixed. As a full-service, professional shop our techs are experienced and capable of getting your vehicle ready for the dyno.
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