Seats, Seat Covers & Seat Rails

  • Mugen MS-R Full Bucket Seat
    Mugen MS-R Full Bucket Seat

    Full bucket seat satisfying both high holding performance and lightweight properties.

    The driver communicates with his vehicle through the steering wheel and seat and in a racing situation this communication between driver and machine plays quite important role to win the race. The role of the seat in holding the driver securely and enabling him to drive precisely while always providing the driver with a comfortable ride are so crucial that at MUGEN we never compromise on the quality of our seats. MUGEN proudly introduces the birth of MS-R, the very ultimate seat.

    Price: $2,400.00
  • Mugen MS-Z Semi Bucket Seat
    Mugen MS-Z Semi Bucket Seat

    Semi bucket seat featuring high driver-support performance, with fatigue reduction effect, and easy-access integrated in harmony within the design.

    Limited #s in stock, order today to secure your seat(s)

    When developing a semi bucket seat two contradictory requirements need to be addressed – that of ergonomic driver support while at the same time providing driver comfort, including easy-access. By drawing on the experience and technologies acquired through many years of top level motorsports and parts sales activities MUGEN has designed MS-Z to satisfy both requirements. MS-Z will reduce driver fatigue and improve your driving.

    For installation RECARO seat rails are required. (not included)
    Not mountable on the vehicles with i-side air bag system for the front seat.

    Price: $1,995.00
  • PCI Universal Seat Mount
    PCI Universal Seat Mount
    This  PCI universal adjustable race spec seat mount is the best on the market.
    Price: $198.00