F Series Builds

F Series Builds
Used solely in Honda's S2000, the F20C/F22C is an engineering marvel. This engine is, horsepower per litre, the most powerful engine offered in any production vehicle for the USDM.
From the S2000's introduction in 2000 through 2003, the F was a 2 litre (technically the F20C); after 2004 and through it's final production run (June 2009), its displacement was 2.2 litres, thus the F22C moniker. The F20 C has an incredible redline of 9,000 rpm, thus making most of it's power at the top end. The 2.2L version has a longer stroke and its redline is 8,000 rpm. Even with its lower redline, the 2.2 offers slightly more power, and more mid-range torque.
 As with Honda's other powerplants, the F Series features VTEC, and is just as susceptible to aftermarket tuning. A relatively simple exhaust and intake upgrade, along with a high-quality tuning solution pays big dividends, especially with low-end to mid-range torque.
With substantial mods like a stroker crank (bringing displacement up to 2.4 litres), along with major changes in cams, exhaust, pistons and intake as well as the addition of forced induction, the F Series can easily produce upwards of 700hp.

We offer three build categories, but almost all of our builds combine aspects of all three.
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