2022+ 11th Gen Honda Civic

  • 2022+ 11th Gen Honda Civic Mugen Scuff Plate
    Mugen Scuff Plate
    Not only does it prevent stains and scratches that may be left on your feet when you get off the car, but the carbon-like design creates a sporty atmosphere in the interior.
    Price: $150.00
  • 2022+ 11th Gen Honda Civic Mugen Side Decal Set
    Mugen Side Decal Set
    A decal with the Mugen MUGEN logo and corporate colors.
    Price: $65.00
  • 2022+ 11th Gen Honda Civic Mugen Side Garnish
    Mugen Side Garnish
    The side garnish has a design that creates a low and wide impression with a sense of unity from the shape that flows from the front to the rear and the overhanging shape. Made of vacuum-formed PPE.
    Price: $675.00
  • 2022+ 11th Gen Honda Civic Mugen Sports Exhaust System
    Mugen Sports Exhaust System
    A stainless steel sports exhaust system that achieves both high exhaust efficiency and silencing performance, and has been developed with a focus on sporty exhaust notes. An elliptical finisher is adopted to achieve sporty styling typical of CIVIC. A replacement muffler pre-certified product that meets safety standards. Muffler garnish for mounting is included.
    Price: $1,925.00
  • 2022+ 11th Gen Honda Civic Mugen Ventilated Visor
    Mugen Ventilated Visor

    Ventilated visor with excellent ventilation performance. In the case of a general door visor, when used with the window lowered slightly, the air discharged from the front of the opening tends to become a vortex and flow back into the room from the rear of the opening. The ventilated visor is equipped with a rubber blade at the bottom of the front visor body, so that the rear of the visor is closed even when the window is slightly lowered*, and the opening is limited to the front to allow air to escape from the room. Prevents backflow of air.

    Price: $225.00
  • Mugen Wheel Nut and Lock Set
    Price: $88.00