To Order Hondata ECU's and Upgrades:

1. Place your order with King Motorsports for the Hondata option you need.

2. Fill out THE HONDATA K-PRO ORDER FORM, following the instructions carefully.

3. Mail form and ECU to:
    2840 Columbia St
    Torrance, CA 90503
4. When we receive payment, we will send a purchase order to Hondata for your products.

5. Hondata will make the modifications to your ECU and send it directly back to you.

6. Hondata will not sell direct to you, do not send any money to them.

7. Hondata performs all of the modifications in-house, do not send your ECU to us.

8. Hondata will not perform any work on your ECU until they receive a purchase order from us confirming payment.

If you have any additional questions, call Mike at 262.522.7558 ext. 301, or email at [email protected]