King Motorsports Engine Build Prices & Process

King Motorsports Engine Build Process

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At King Motorsports, we offer three build classifications: OEM, Street Performance and Ultra Build. Each is explained below, but parts of each can be combined to meet your exact needs.
Before any engine comes in for a build our Service Manager does a thorough consultation with the customer so that both parties are on the same page. This ensures the build is going to meet the customer's expectations while staying within their budget.

Please note, the prices listed below are for LABOR ONLY. Parts costs vary hugely based on what is supplied by the customer and what type of performance parts are needed. PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS - 262.522.7558 x301. Our Service Manager Mike L. will be glad to help you.
Shortblock or Longblock

Our OEM build consists of a full teardown followed by a meticulous cleaning and inspection. Any unforeseen internal problems are brought to the customer's attention, along with repair/replacement options. At this point we know exactly what we are starting with allowing us to address any problems before the build actually starts.
The "build" begins with the crankshaft getting polished with all bearing clearances measured and adjusted. The rods get measured and checked for out of roundness. We use new OEM Honda pistons and rings with the factory style press fit wrist pins. All rings get checked  and adjusted for the proper gap. The cylinders get measured, bored and honed to specs we have used in winning race cars as well as daily drivers. The crankshaft is installed with the blueprinted bearings. We do not use "one size fits all" bearings, instead we utilize the OEM color coded bearings, fitting every rod and main bearing with its proper color match bearing.
The piston and rod assemblies are installed paying attention to the ring placement to ensure proper ring seal. We use all OEM gaskets  and seals, including OEM type R oil pumps on all B Series engines. The new Oil pump is disassembled and filled with engine assembly lube ensuring that the engine builds oil pressure quickly upon startup. The new oil pump is installed followed by the windage tray and oil pump pickup. The OEM oil pan is reinstalled unless the customer wants an aftermarket upgrade. On D, B, F, H, and J series we replace the timing belt tensioner and bolt, along with an OEM timing belt and water pump, while the K Series gets an inspection of the timing chain, guides and tensioner, and replacement if necessary.
The cylinder head gets a full teardown and inspection. A modified OEM style valve job is done to ensure max power but keeping the reliability that a daily driver requires for a long, hassle-free service life (Link to our cylinder head services HERE). We install new valve seals on every build and new valve guides if needed. The cylinder head is checked for straightness and the cam journals are checked for scores. The cylinder head is reassembled with new OEM valve springs or aftermarket units if the customer requests it.
The cylinder head is now mated with the King Motorsports prepped bottom end with an OEM head gasket. The intake manifold and throttle body are thoroughly cleaned and inspected. The injector O-rings are replaced to prevent fuel leaks and all crush washers are replaced. An OEM or Hondata intake gasket is used to secure the intake manifold to the head.
 The distributor o-ring is replaced along with the VTEC solenoid gasket/screen. At this point the engine is completed and is sealed to keep foreign objects out. The OEM build is now complete and ready for break-in at King, or for customer pick-up.
Shortblock or Longblock.

Our street performance build consists of the OEM build plus your choice of aftermarket cams, cam gears, pistons, valve springs and retainers. The street performance can be built for pump or race gas. When aftermarket cams are used we degree them, check piston to valve, valve to valve and piston to head clearance on EVERY engine we build.
   When aftermarket pistons are used we bore and hone the block to the piston's specs, retaining the stock sleeves.
   We also modify cylinder head oiling on high lift aftermarket cams. We check the valve spring pressure and bind point - an often overlooked step when using aftermarket cams.
Shortblock or Longblock.

Our Ultra Build is the pinnacle of performance and showcases all of our expertise. Simply put, the Ultra Build will deliver the most power your engine can produce. The Ultra Build includes all of the applicable parts and services in both the OEM and Performance Build, plus cylinder sleeving and aftermarket crankshafts to increase the stroke and engine displacement. These engines usually have 13:1 or higher compression.
The goal with the Ultra Build is to make the most WHP possible while still retaining race reliability. Ultra Build engines receive our CNC ported cylinder heads when possible, and in the case the CNC head is not used, we do a meticulous port/polish by hand, complete with flow bench testing. The cylinder head is usually mated with one of our custom intake manifolds and headers - each fabricated for your specific build.