Engine Building

Engine Building
Power and reliability. That's our goal for every engine we build - to squeeze the maximum available power out of an engine while maintaining the highest level of reliability.

A simple idea?  Sure.  Simple to do?  No.

It takes knowledge, experience, the proper equipment, years of R&D, and meticulous attention to detail. You want a 400WHP/Litre B series that can survive hundreds of 1/4 mile launches at 8,000 RPM? We've done it. You need a 500+ WHP daily driver Prelude? We've done it. Or a 300+ WHP all-motor, pump gas, K-Swapped street Civic? We've done it. And what about a Championship-winning engine for your track car?  We've done that too - a lot.

At King Motorsports we take engine building seriously, every time.  

For over 28 years we've been building race-winning engines and potent powerplants for the street. Power and reliability. That's our goal. It should be yours too.