• Mugen Sports Pedal Kit - MT
    Mugen Sports Pedal Kit - MT

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    For sports driving nimble footwork is needed. With the Mugen SportsPedal Kit the accelerator is made to allow some grip give, while theclutch and brake pedals are made with a nickel-chrome blown metal non-slip surface. This allows a sure grip on the brake while performing heal/toe footwork.All the pedals have a cast aluminum base.

    Price: $165.00
  • Skunk2 Short Throw Shifter - Single Bend
    Skunk2 Short Throw Shifter - Single Bend
    Skunk2 Racing short shifters are constructed from high-strength alloy steel for maximum durability and reliability. Unlike aluminum shifters, Skunk2 Racing steel shifters will not break. The added weight of the shifter results in smoother and more positive shifting. Each short shifter utilizes sealed bearings and a low friction coating to ensure smooth motion without binding.(shift knob not included)
    Price: $118.99