C Series Builds

C Series Builds
The C30 was the first Honda in the US to use V-TEC. Displacing 3 Litres, it produced 270 HP and 210 ft. lbs. of torque. While Honda used other C Series in SOHC form for powerplants in other platforms, as well as selling it to other manufacturers, The DOCH C30A was exclusive to Acura's supercar, the NSX. This motor had many innovative features in addition to V-TEC: Titanium connecting rods, an open deck, and direct ignition with individual coil packs for each spark plug. Additionally, the C30 and C32 came balanced and blueprinted direct from the factory.

A second-gen version was offered starting with the 1997 NSX. Displacing 3.2 Litres, it featured 1mm larger valves and an advanced sleeve manufacturing process called Fiber Reinforced Metal to allow the larger bore required for the 92mm pistons.

As qualified builders and tuners for the NSX become fewer and far between, King is happy to offer our experience to NSX owners. We have substantial experience building the C Series for road racing, and we carry that quality and precision to our street builds. We understand that NSX owners are a particular breed who are very particular about their cars - we painstakingly build these motors with that in mind.

We offer three build categories, but almost all of our builds combine aspects of all three.
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