K Series Builds

K Series Builds
First introduced to the US as the engine for the 2002 Acura RSX and Civic Si, The K Series has proven itself a venerable, torque-strong powerplant.
The K is a significant departure from the tried-and-true B series in several ways: In addition to VTEC, the K has variable cam timing. This allows for excellent economy while still providing amazing power and torque. The cylinder head flow is substantially improved, with the K20A, A2, Z1, Z3, and Z4, heads offering the absolute best numbers.
Continuing with the open deck design, the block is beefier. Like the F Series, the K spins clockwise, and the intake and exhaust positions are reversed under the hood (as well as the engine and transmission position). The intake is at the front of the motor with the exhaust exiting on the firewall side. A longer stroke combined with the free-flowing head and oversized valves, allows it to produce tremendous torque.
Both OEM and aftermarket, the K is a proven performer on the street, strip and track. With reliability equal to the B Series, it is now swapped into more platforms. Available with 5-speed & 6-speed transmissions, It's easy to keep at the peak of its substantial torque curve.
The K20/K24 Hybrid combines the best parts of two different K Series powerplants, while maintaining a good chunk of the OEM parts, and therefore, OEM reliability. The naming lineage is straightforward - bolt a K20 head onto a K24 block and... a K20/K24 is born.
Utilizing the K20 head over the K24 head offers improved air flow, smaller chambers to help raise compression and better cams if OEM cams are used.

We offer three build categories, but almost all of our builds combine aspects of all three.
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